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Growing Great Leaders™ overview

Growing Great Leaders™ overview

Open-to-learning™ overview

Open-to-learning™ overview

Student-centred Leadership

Linda describes our model of leadership - "Student-centred Leadership". She reflects on what leaders need to do to influence others within their educational context. The key message emphasises the fact that effective student-centred leadership is measured by the equity and excellence of student outcomes.

Advice to FTPs on Student-centred Leadership

The heart of effective student-centred leadership is having the students as the focus. it is essential to slow down the process of improvement by being strategic with goals, criteria and approach. What happens in each school is specific to that context and will be different to the school down the road - deal with the situation in front of you!

Dimensions of Student-centred Leadership

Linda covers the five dimensions of effective student-centred leadership. The key elements of these dimensions form the "what" of effective leadership. Aspects covered are: goal setting, resourcing strategically, ensuring quality teaching, leading teacher learning and development and ensuring a safe and orderly environment.

Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson - Does leadership affect education?

Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson investigates the impact of educational leadership on student achievement and well-being. By examining leadership practices and developing the capabilities needed to confidently engage in them, she hopes to build effective interventions to improve school leadership and create better schools with better student outcomes.