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Martin Turner

Expert Partner

Martin has extensive experience in school leadership as a team leader for Ministry of Education school leadership contracts. He has specific interests in change leadership, developing collaborative expertise and evaluative capability to accelerate student learning and achieve equitable outcomes. He has worked as a critical friend with school leaders to develop the relational
trust needed for deep inquiry to flourish and become dispositional at all levels of leadership.
Martin was a principal before joining the University of Auckland as a Principal’s Leadership and Management advisor, through to his current role as a contract leader for Leadership and Assessment facilitators. Martin brings a wide knowledge of the education sector through his experience and knowledge of effective professional development, and is also currently a lead mentor for the national First Time Principals (FTP) programme. Martin has also had considerable experience working with school leaders to ensure Māori achieve educational success as Māori through inquiry that embeds culturally responsive and relational pedagogy at school leadership level.